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Swim Through Darkness - Al Mennie x AWARE x D3rkMatter

Image of Al Mennie by D3rkmatter

Thank you to D3rkmatter who came to film on my 57th Km of Swim Through Darkness and created this video in support of AWARE. So many people that have come onboard with Swim Through Darkness have shared their stories with me. I get the feeling this little project of me swimming in the dark is in some way helping people out there, at least I hope so anyway. If you are struggling please see the links below. I hope they might offer some help to you.

Please if you are reading these blogs, use what I am doing to stay motivated. Keep active, get outdoors if you can and if you cant, open a window at the very least. The outdoors and exercise are great distractions from the world we are living through at the minute. I found a great resource that I think might be of interest to anyone who for some reason maybe cant get outdoors at the minute. Its called BBC Soundscape and you can listen to all sorts of sounds from the outdoors. Take a listen, it might be of use and or help during these times.

Remember to look at yourself and those around you for signs that may be of concern. Here is a link to some of the things to look out for on the AWARE website....

Video by D3rkmatter

Image of al Mennie by D3rkmatter

THANK YOU FOR CONTINUALLY SHARING AND DONATING. Donations now over the £7500 mark!

Image of Al Mennie by D3rkmatter


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