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45km mark broken on day 22

December 22nd

Causeway Coast

Charity AWARE

Swim Distance 4.2km Combo Swim (1.70, 1.19, 1.3)

Conditions Stormy

Last nights swims were tough enough but I was feeling so alive and buzzing that I didn't sleep, pretty much all night. That did not bode well for tonights swim and I was feeling extremely fatigued by the time it came to get out there again. I've been staying very focussed on diet and recovery whilst carrying on with daily life but with no sleep it throws me off big time. I genuinely don't know where people find the time to post stuff online every day, I am struggling to post the few things I do.

Anyway, tonights first swim was a gift after last nights mission. Tonights second swim was not. Despite being only 20mins apart the sea changed, the counter current was extremely heavy against me for the first half and the fatigue was not helping. Anyway, eventually the current subsided and I got moving again.

Its looking like I'm going to be able to finish this early, maybe on the full moon. We shall see.




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