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Waxing my board before sunset. Picture by Charles McQuillan

This is something I haven't planned until very recently. I felt as ambassador for the Darkness into Light Campaign that I could do more than what I was doing. I took myself out into the sea one evening and paddled a couple of miles down the coast on my surfboard thinking about what I could do to help. I knew I could do more. But, there is more to it than that...

I know people who have attempted to take their own life and unfortunately I also knew some that have. One thing that I've noticed is true in all the cases that have touched my world, is that no one suspected it might happen. Know one knew the person felt that way. It was always a shock. That is why I am always very keen to promote awareness and not only try to raise funds. Right now we are in a cost of living crisis so if we struggle to raise funds, then hopefully we can all raise our awareness and keep an eye on those around us.

I see the campaign as a way of, yes, raising funds so that the professionals within Pieta and their 14 partner charities sponsored by Electric Ireland can help but by raising awareness of suicide maybe more of us will recognise that someone isn't ok and try to help therefore possibly preventing a suicide. We all lead busy lives and it is easy to not notice changes in others worlds that may be negatively impacting their outlook.

The Darkness into Light campaign goes from strength to strength and has done for many years. I am just a surfer but I hope through my surfing to make a positive difference in someway.

Please also check out Anna McKeever the Belfast based Irish Artist and what she is doing. And, I believe one of the other ambassadors is about to announce that they too are going to increase their involvement but that is their announcement to make not mine.

If you are able to donate please do so here and thank you!....

Here is a link to Anna's fundraiser if you prefer to donate that way....

And, if you happen to be reading this and feel that you may benefit from reaching out to someone please use this link and scroll down to the appropriate icon for where you are. There are branches of both Pieta and Partner charities in lots of locations and they offer free services to people who may be feeling like they need to speak with someone.

Thank you for reading this, for following along, for raising awareness, for donating. It does not go unnoticed. And, if you donate anonymously, please know that it is greatly appreciated too even though I can't reach out to thank you directly.


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