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The Moon Will Shine Again

February 28th 2021

Causeway Coast

Charity AWARE

Swim Distances over the past 2 nights.

Feb 27th 1.4km

Feb 26th 1.14km (790 + 351 cos watch stopped part way cos i banged a button and had to restart)

Al Mennie. Pic by Charles McQuillan

THANK YOU FOR CONTINUALLY SHARING AND DONATING. Donations now over the £12,800 mark!

Last nights swim was incredible. Despite very challenging surf and currents, the moon was super bright and full. The light on the surf was a great symbol of coming out of the darkness of the past few months, the cold, the harsh weather.

Tonight is the night, 2km will finish this.

We have some great footage and stills which I will share. Today, I need to keep the eye on the ball. I'm expecting a lot of surf tonight, currents and potential sea mist.

I apologise for not publicising when I am swimming as I know there are people who want to come and support me but we just cant risk it with covid and the regulations. I do post quite a lot on instagram so please follow along there, your support is greatly appreciated. It really spurs me on. I have a couple of people who are extremely experienced emergency responders so know that I am well looked after! I live extremely close (seconds away) to the beach but I cannot ask that any of you come down to support from further afield even though I know some of you reading this would like to and I would like to have you there.

Can't believe three months are gone! Time flies!

I hope Swim Through Darkness has been of support for someone out there and kept some heads above water. Keep swimming, the bad times pass, the darkness does come and go and the moon will shine again.

Info - I am swimming a total of 100km through the darkness, in the darkest and coldest months of the year off the North Coast of Ireland. My inspire those who may be struggling in dark times to keep going. I also aim to raise awareness and funds for the depression Charity Aware. We all face dark times in life at some point and it can be extremely overwhelming.

Safety - Please don't think that because I am doing this that you too should do this or something similar. I am very experienced in the sea with knowledge that is only gained through many years of exposure to the sea in all her moods. I have a safety and location system in place including continual contact with people on land every time I swim.


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