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Thank you for following along with Swim Through Darkness. We are on a mission to raise awareness of the struggle that so many people in this country face and we greatly appreciate all the support and interest received.

I have a request that if you come to the beach to see me swim please switch off you car headlights and please don't shine torches onto the water. It is extremely disorientating for both me and my safety team to have lights reflecting off the white surf. It might seem like having light to help me swim is a bonus, it isn't. It makes it almost impossible to navigate through the surf as I lose sight of my on land mark ups and reference points in the glare caused by the lights.

We are operating in a high risk environment and we try very hard to keep control of all the elements we face, including the darkness. If we are forced to change location last minute because of car or torch lights shining into the surf it adds many other factors and stresses to what we are doing. We do not disclose swim times or locations specifically for this reason.

We are gathering GPS swim charts and images and video where possible to share with you all at home as and when we can. These are viewable here on this site and also in instagram stories to followers and some other stuff to the close friends list.

Over the past few nights we have had several people come watch and that is great and we thank you for the support and interest.


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