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Northern Lights Swim Training Commences

I have begun swim training for this years Swim Through Darkness Campaign. I have been alternating my training days with my weight training program, filtering the swims into the week. I never do night swims before the clock change so it has been nice to get back to it now the summer feels to be behind us, the beaches are quieter and the winter darkness is starting to creep in. The first night swim is always a shock to the senses. The immense darkness, the vastness of the ocean, the sky, the heightened awareness of the sound of the crashing waves....It all overwhelms the senses. Then....within seconds, its like I'm back where I'm meant to be. I start to swim and wave after wave, stroke after stroke, breath after breath, I push through the dark waters and swim along the coast in the dark. Such a magical experience for me.

We have been very fortunate to have witnessed the Northern Lights for I think the 5th time this year! Rich and I......


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