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Moon Rise Training

Over the past few nights training there has been an incredible show put on by the moon. This picture is actually the moon rising on the day after the full moon. I've never seen the moon rise so far to the north without cloud obscuring it from view. Three nights in a row it was clear to see pushing up over the Scottish Island of Islay. I swam in a scene that looked more like a black and white photograph than a winter night in the North Atlantic.

If you are reading this I hope you can see how much I enjoy and love the environment I am in. It is an amazing release from the world we all live in to be outdoors and appreciate the natural surroundings that we live in. No matter where you live in this world you can connect to the natural world by observing the sky. Forget the buildings, the man made structures, the noise and the chaos we humans create and for a few moments every day stop and watch the sky. Notice its colours changing with the movement of light, the clouds, the wind moving the weather over head. This is the world we are part of, it is all around us. Use it to keep your feet on the ground, keep your head above water as often as you need and allow it to give you a few moments break from whatever world you are living in, whatever you are going through.


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