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Keep Swimming

December 8th 2023

Causeway Coast

Charity AWARE

Swim Distance 1.77km

Air temp mild but torrential rain


Last nights swim was the toughest of this campaign so far. I had to fight a current right at the beginning but once I broke through that I got into a bit of flow and although I was slow moving i was able to keep a general direction. The surf was breaking with lots of force. I was thankful for the power because it alerted me to the next wave. It felt like the sea knew it was so dark and the waves crashed harder than noraml for how big they were. Everything was fine until the current after a set of waves switched against me. I tried to out swim it, swim through it hoping it would pass but it didnt. I radioed shore and let them know I was turning round. I turned and swam with the new current and through the waves back the way I came. This turned out to be a bit of a pattern and I found myself turning over and over again to make the distance up. If I stopped swimming I would have made no progress. So I kept swimming, I just altered the plan as I went.

Sorry this update is so late in the day. Ive been trying to get some other things done and recover from the swim ahead of the next one tonight.

Huge thanks to Laura who endured torrenital rain and surging tide to keep me safe.


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