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Icy & Starry Night

December 3rd 2023

Causeway Coast

Charity AWARE

Swim Distance 1.13km

Air temp 3 degrees (! think they are lying cos the ground is frozen!)

Tonight, the sea fog has lifted somewhat but the fresh water run off on the rocks is now frozen, the sand verging on being solid beneath my feet as I walked to the waters edge. The surf has a little bit of wind on it and for the first half of my swim I was against quite a strong current. It wasn't until I broke free from that that I actually started to get solid strokes in between waves. The moon isn't visible, its light held back by the drifting light cloud cover but the visibility tonight is almost completely opposite to last night. The cloud moved at times exposing a vast starry sky twinkling overhead. Ships are lying out in the bay waiting for their next job seemingly very close to shore because, for a change, there appears to be no weather between me and them. These conditions allow the shrill sound of my safety whistle, every minute, to be amplified reaching my land support (Laura) effortlessly.

Another 1.13km done tonight to chip away at the total. It is the continual return to the sea that is getting the distances done. Like everything in life, it takes time to overcome things, it isn't done in one fell swoop.

Keep swimming, you will turn the tide.

About to go. Pic by Laura Montgomery



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