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How am I going to surf 154 waves?

How am I going to surf 154 waves?

I've had a few people wondering how on earth I'm going to ride 154 waves in one night. Lots of surfers don't ride that in a year. The thing here is I'm not looking for perfect waves, gigantic waves or anything like that. In fact this has been very unusual to date. Normally i'm looking at weather charts constantly trying to find where the best, biggest surf might be on any given day. In this instance I'm looking for conditions that will allow me to ride as many waves as possible. Thats very different to hunting out the big surf days when I might ride one wave or the perfect surf days when I might ride a handful.

I have a limited time to ride 154 waves, I have a crew of people helping me achieve this and together we have an increasingly narrow window of opportunity. It is spring afterall, not exactly the time of year for great waves. So, I have to hunt out the nights on the weather chart that I think will give me the most waves to ride from sunset to sunrise. In fact normally this time of year I don't really look at weather charts, I prefer to look at the winter charts, they have more energy and power and are often much more easily predicted. This time of year the weak weather patterns drift and meander and it is difficult to predict what is or is not coming.

Anyway. The reason for this post is to show you a chart produced from my GPS watch which plots the path I took over a 30 minute period just before sunset. You can see how I went about getting multiple waves back to back. I would say the conditions were favourable this night and thats what we are watching out for. I have had one horrendous training session where I lost my board twice, broke my leash and rode one wave. So, we dont want that on the night!

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