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Experience your world through a different lens.

December 5th 2023

Causeway Coast

Charity AWARE

Swim Distance 1.36km

Air temp Baltic

That was probably the coldest yet of this years campaign. The water was fine, it is the air temp walking back after, that freezes me. The thing is here, getting a bit cold now and again is no biggy but I'm trying to prolong my ability to continually return to the sea each night and chip away at this total. Like anything in life, we need to manage our health and everything we accept into life to make sure we can perform and keep showing up or it all begins to swamp us and hold us back. So, I cant afford to get cold or sick or it might interfere with this campaign.

The stars were so bright they were reflecting in the water. A magical night to swim. As I keep saying, I usually hate these calm dark nights but last night was completely fine, I swam effortlessly through the tiny swell lines as they pushed in from the dark North Atlantic and rolled in below me. They broke close to shore and the calm conditions made the sound of the crash magnify through the air and travel out to where I was swimming. Being out there in the dark makes me hyper aware of movement, I notice the energy of the physical water, the sound is louder, I'm very aware of currents, of wind shadows mimicking currents, of swell lines rising above the horizon before breaking. I think when I started surfing, my senses were probably hyper aware of the environment but over 35/40 years I am probably so used to some of the feelings and sensations I get when surfing that I'm almost complacent to it, densensitised. Being out there in the dark and swimming instead is a whole different experience, seeing the same world through a different lens. A change in perspective can change your life, seek it out in your own life.

Laura did land support last night for me. She is Ambulance crew and so, very capable. We run a series of safety systems. There is always a back up and a back up for the back up incase I get smashed by a wave and for example lose my radio. Last night despite the calm conditions I lost a safety whistle. Theres always something breaking and so various back up comms helps keep it as safe as possible. So far I've drowned a safety light and a whistle, there will be more I imagine by the time the month is done.

Baltic after the walk back

Another 1.36km chipped off

Hot Choc

6 eggs, tomatoes, herbs, sea salt, sour dough


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