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At Times I Let the Sea do its Thing, at Times I Fought.

December 14th 2023

Causeway Coast

Charity AWARE

Swim Distance 1.95 km

Air temp mild, sea state pinball machine for 42mins.

Last night was by far the most difficult Swim Through Darkness to date. I don't think I can effectively explain how ferocious it was out there last night with words. It was monstrous out there in what can only be referred to as a cauldron. Huge surges of tide and swell gripped me, pushing and pulling me back and forth, waves crashing on me, wind roaring at me as I tried to make my way along the coastin the dark. It was a complete contrast to the more civilised dance with the ocean I've often referred to is as.

Look at the chart and compare it to some of the others on this blog page. It speaks for itself. To explain what you are looking at here. This is the route my swim took starting at the cirle and finishing at the square. In the process I was met with such strong currents I could not break through whislt getting hit my relentless surf in the dark and being dragged in and out by the surges. So, I changed direction along the coast three times in order to keep swimming and get the distance done. At times I let the sea do its thing, at times I fought. There is always a way.


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