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Adapt the Plan and Keep Swimming.

December 9th 2023

Causeway Coast

Charity AWARE

Swim Distance 2 swim combo 1.96 km

Air temp mild but torrential rain and 40mph wind

Swim details

The weather gave me some respite after lasts nights mission. The conditions may read like they were insane but when used in a particular way along with the tide they can be beneficial. I did two swims last night (charts below text). It made sense to take the gift of the wild environment and bank some distance. I felt bad for Laura on land having to deal with sideways rain and wind to keep an eye on me. Laura is Ambulance Crew, a martial artist among many other things so a very experienced and capable individual besides a friend.

Adapt the Plan and Keep Swimming

I recently spoke to an audience where I was I asked about how I keep going physically and mentally despite getting older. I'm only 43 years old by the way but the gentleman that asked the question was maybe 50 or so. (I have a very specific reason for how I live which I will get into another time).

It is extremely easy to become so focussed on one element of life that is causing distress. When we become hyper focussed or concerned about one element we lose balance and block out lots of other elements that may bring positivity to us and actually help us progress. For me I have a tendency to stop eating during times of stress. I tend to hyper focus on dealing with whatever the issue is and have to be very mindful to eat or everything becomes a nightmare.

In the past two nights I have had conditions that made my swim virtually effortless and also conditions that made it an absolute mission. I still managed to get decent distances swam and that is down to experience built confidence. When some elements are against me such as violent surf creating eratic currents, I switch and use them to my advantage. When the wind is 40mph it would probably make sense to 99% of people to not swim (and you shouldn't) but to me I made some alterations and used it to my advantage. I kept swimming. Being aware of the conditions you are part of and finding your way regardless makes you very capable, adaptable and confident. Look for ways to use every situation you find yourself in to help you progress, there is always a way. Be prepared to alter the plan as you go but with the same destination in mind.

I am by no means expert in life but from my own experince to have lots of different things going on, lots of interests, lots of channels for creativity and outlets is the key to always keeping my head above water. That way, life is never pulled in one direction too much by one element to the point it tips my balance. It makes me excited to get out of bed and tired when I get into bed. It is kind of like eating a well balanced diet. If we focus on taking in a good balance of nutritous food it feeds our mind body and soul with an abundance of goodness. The same is true of life in general, in my opinion anyway. Experiencing an abundance of things regularly leads to a well rounded individual, capable of many things, confident and dependable. The world is drawn to people like this, people with vast life experience that have developed confidence and ability to handle and tackle any sort of situation. You often find these kind of people in emergency situations and roles.

So, in a nutshell. Fill life with an abundance of experiences, it builds confidence, ability and a love for life. You can begin to do this through exercise and activity in the outdoors.

Swim 2 - 965m

swim 1 - 998m


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